Every Healthy Human is made with care and
comes with our 5 Layer Tempmax Technology

Take it with you, wherever you go

Whether it's a stroll through sea foam, a hike through the mountains, or your daily trip to the gym, your Healthy Human bottle will be there with you! With a LeakProof top, a no slip exterior, easy carry handle and steel interior so you never drink from plastic, we promise that you'll be happy with your Healthy Human. We're excited to see what you do together.

Select a bottle that matches your style

Every Human is different. That's why we give you the pick to select a Healthy Human that it matches your style. Whether you want your favorite color or an elegant marble style pattern, you can use pick your Healthy Human to match your style.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

Flip N Sip lids, steel straws, Ez carry slings, carry handles and more! Make your Health Human even better by picking the most useful accessories for you today!

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