16oz(473ml) Stein Bottle Bora Bora
16oz(473ml) Stein Bottle Bora Bora
16oz(473ml) Stein Bottle Bora Bora
16oz(473ml) Stein Bottle Bora Bora
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    16oz(473ml) Stein Bottle Bora Bora


      Overview 16oz(473ml) Steins

      Our smallest Stein is 16 ounces, the same as your standard poisonous single-use plastic water bottles. It’s the perfect size for anyone looking to replace regular use of disposable plastic water bottles with the healthier, cleaner, more fashionable, and MUCH more eco-friendly Healthy Human Stein.

      And thanks to our innovative Temp-Max Double-Walled Vacuum Insulation design.. Every Stein keeps your cold beveragescold for 24 hours, and keeps your hot beverageshot for 12 hours (PIPING Hot for 6 hours).



      • A Sweat Free Design so your bottle never leaves a ring, soaks your bag, or drips on your shirt.
      • A Leak Proof Lid so you can rest easy knowing wherever you store your bottle, nothing will leak, ever.
      • A Premium, Food-grade Stainless Steel interior that keeps your drink’s original flavor and NEVER retains or imparts smell or taste
      • A very comfortable 3-finger carry lid.
      • A wide mouth for easy ice cube loading
      • The ability to fit comfortably in most cup holders
      • A complimentary carabiner
      • Rounded corners to easily clean
      • Sustainable packaging


      Environmental Impact:

      1 fill-up of your 16oz Stein = 1 disposable plastic water bottle.

      If you drink 4 bottles full of your 16oz stein per day (64 oz recommended daily amount of water), then you'll be saving the environment from 1,460 plastic bottles!

      Meaning you’re helping keep the environment the same as what you drink...

      Pure, healthy, & free from contamination.

      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester


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